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The cottage

The cottage

A charming building ★★★★★



Stay in a comfortable independent building. Fully equipped and composed of 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 6/7 people.


  • 210 m² - 1 floor
  • 6 to 7 people
  • 3 rooms
  • 3 bathrooms shower
  • Balneo - Sauna
  • Climatisation - Wood stove
  • Access to the ground floor
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Non-smoking interior
  • Pets not allowed
  • Electric car charging station

Ground floor

  • SELENE room :

    accommodating 2 people with its 180 cm bed (possibility of 2x 90 cm beds) Desk, TV,DVD player, bluetoothspeaker.

  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Living room, ts wood stove and its TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen ans diving area : Dishwasher, fridge-freezer, oven, small microwave, hob, complete crokery and its accessories, coffe makers, cooker steamer, raclette grill, waffles and pancakes, griddle…
  • Linen washing machine and dryer.
  • Independent WC
  • Bathroom shower, sauna for 3 people and balneotherapy Bath for 2 people.

First floor

  • YEMAYA room :
    accommodating 2 people with its 160 cm bed, its individual shower room, TV, DVD player and bluetooth speaker.
  • Master bedroom OSHUN :
    accommodating 2 people (possibility of 3) with its 160cm bed, its individual shower room, small liiving room, access to the small tower that can be converted according to your desires or needs (baby room or children’s room, cocooning relaxation area, etc…) TV, DVD player, bluetooth speaker.
  • Independent WC
  • Small patio in reading and defense area…

Little attentions included

  • A welcome basket made up of local delicacies communal and domain.
  • Basic condiments ; salt, pepper, sugar, oil, coffee, tea…
  • Household linen provided per person ; bath and hand towels, pool towel, glove, bathrobe…
  • Top of the range quality nedding prepared before your arrival.
  • Individual basic necessities hair dryer, locally produced soap, toothpaste…
  • Books and DVDs according to your favorite themes.
  • Age-appropriate play box for your children
  • Cot, high chair, changing mat.
  • Large selection of board games.
  • Gym mat and its accessories, meditation cushions, essential oil diffuser for a rejuvenating stay.

Anti-covid hygiene

  • Household linen washed from 60 and towels zt 90.
  • Disinfection of surfaces with standard product
  • Disinfectant wipes and gel at your disposal.
  • Passage of a UV arm on all bedding allowing total and natural decontamination of mattresses and pillows.

Services on the domain



Reiki is a very old technique of laying hands on the body. Rediscovery in Buddhist texts primitives at the end of the 19th century…
By a Japanese monk Dr. MIKAO USUI.

It is a simple and natural method that allows the practitioner to transmit the Universal Healing Energy through the hands according to the person’s needs.

The Japanese word « REIKI » means literally Universal Vital Energy.

This method is not leamed in books, but by transmission in contact with a Master during initiations called Degrees.

It brings physical well-being and mental.

This holistic approach complements conventional medicine and cannot replace ongoing treatment.

For who ? Happiness for all !!


Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on millennial concepts, is based on Balance (Ying-Yang) Harmony (5 elements) and Energy (Qi)…
It is a complete and varied discipline, going to treat the cause of the imbalance, taking into account the body, the spirit and the ground of the individual.

The consultation is tailo-made and unique to each person, it takes into acount the consultant as a whole.

Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to balance Yin/Yang in order to smooth the circulation of Vital Energy via energy points and meridians.

5 tools can be used acupuncture and moxibustion, Qi Gong, pharmacopoeia dietetics and Tui Na massage.

Acupuncture has been included in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage since 2010.

Its field of action is very vast, being able to relieve, among other things, anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties, physical pain, menopause syndromes, stimulates the immune system…

It constitutes a true preventive medicine, improves Well-being and the state of health.

Chinese Medicine rises in relevant complement to biomedicine and cannot replace current medical treatment.

For who ? For everyone !

Unicist Homeopathy

The Unicist consists of getting the Homeopathic Remedy thet suits the patient at the moment T. The remedy is given in a liquid dose…
Like Samuel Hahnemann, precursor and father of Homeopathy.

Disease is caused by an imbalance can be physical, psychic, environnemental… in order th heal the body need for energy corresponding to its own imbalances.

Practice allows for a very precise anamnesis, to reveal the remedy in resonance with the patient’s energy allowing him to improve his state of health in a global way by targeting the cause of the imbalance.

This practice is complementary to and cannot replace ongoing medical treatment.

For who ? For all, to each his Energy, to each his remedy !